Welcome to our family information page! Here you can post general information about yourself or your immediate family while at the same time keeping your personal information personal (i.e. only general information is posted). You can also post "then" and "now" pictures or holiday pictures of yourself or your family. Come on family and join in the fun! Let's make our website as interactive as possible. We would truly love for this to become a success!!!!
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Doris Harris (Faulkner)
November 05, 1953 Retired Federal Married 2
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Memory Harris (Fleming)
September 13, 1976 Tech 1 at PCB Peizotronics Married 2
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Kenneth Harris
October 10, 1944 Retired Cosmetology Instructor Married 5
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Ted Harris
January 01, 1957 Construction Panel Manufactory@ Georgia Pacific Married 2
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Tiffany Harris
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May 07, 1991 https://www.facebook.com/tiffany.harris.7543 Committed Relationship
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Rae-Myra Hilliard
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September 26, 1960 Musician/Teacher rae-myra@rae-myra.com Single
Great granddaughter of Ester Harris; grand daughter of Ertie L. Hilliard; daughter of Hortense M. Hilliard
Yvonne G. Hilliard
June 27, 1935 Retired Single 2
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Clarence Hilliard Jr
retired Married 6
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Gila Hilliard (Jones)
February 15, 1972 Married 3
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Annette Pulliam
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February 10, 1955 Retired Single

Great-grandaughter of Ester Harris, grandaughter of Landis Harris, Sr., daughter of Willie Cleveland Harris

Retired August 2012 after 27 years of civilian service from The US Army Criminal Investigation Command, Crime Records Center

Bachelor of Arts 1983 University of Baltimore
Served in the US Army 1976-1979


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